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approaches this situation is a top priority. "the washington post" published something online that u.s.,s details about the that the budget has grown enormously since 9/11, that the cia is far bigger than outside experts had estimated, that the u.s. is involved in new cyber programs to attack other programs in countries. this information has never been released despite efforts from outside folks. does the president believe this is helpful now and the current climate to have discussion about the details about how the u.s. is spending its money in these departments to get a better understanding, as he said, make the public comfortable with how this money is being spayed and what type of programs are being used? -- that storyhed was published since i walked out here. i'm not in a position to comment on a specific story. the president believes that strengthening public confidence in these programs is important to the success of these programs. there is little debate about the fact these programs are critical to our national security, that they have made a role in protecting the homeland
be the secretary of dhs is the most thankless job in washington. that is not true. no doubt, it is a very big and comics job. it is literally a 24/7 job, that as my successor will soon learn, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs there is. what you do hear matters to the lives of people all across our great nation him and your decisions affect them in direct and tangible ways. you make sure their families are safe from terrorist threats, that their local first responders have equipment and training and funding, and that when disaster strikes people who have lost everything are given food and shelter and hope. and that thanks for that is not owed any single individual or cabinet secretary, but to that 240,000 dhs employees, many of whom work in tough conditions around the clock to accomplish our shared and noble mission, and that includes some who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. they are the backbone of your nation's homeland security, and over the past 4 1/2 years, it has been my pleasure to serve with them and build a more agile department of homeland security. i thank
anniversary of the march on washington. wasn't it exciting to see the enthusiasm and the film of the people of the day? who could have expected so many of us would be here who had ties to all that was owing on? who could suspect that we would all be with john lewis? [applause] attorney general, mr. mayor, you honor us with your presence. .he fierce urgency of now words rang out across the national mall, the call echoed in households across america. the summons ignited a movement to make real the promise of democracy. of course everyone knows the "i had a dream" speech, but the fierce urgency of now part of it was not only an inspiration, it was a motivation to act. was not the first time dr. martin luther king jr. urged fellow travelers to reject the status quo, to in his words at the march, refuse to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. seven years early now to trim of in francisco, my hometown, 1956, dr. king delivered the same message to the delegates of the naacp convention. --said "now i realize those all over are telling us we must slow up, he said, but we cannot afford this slo
after the march on washington, let us remember that dr. king's last march was never finished. the poor people's campaign was never finished. some 50 years after the march on washington, while if you were -- you are people as a percentage in our country are poor, more as a number in our country are poor. while the ladder of opportunity extends to the heavens for our people today, more are tethered at the bottom and falling off everyday. say that thean distance between a child's aspirations represented by the top of that letter and a family situation at the bottom of that is the exactder measurement of that aaron's level of frustration. as we go home today, let us remember that the dreamer was also a doer. as we turn on our tvs tomorrow and see people walking out of places where they are being forced to survive on $7.25 by the thousands, let us commit to join them in fighting to lift up the bottom. at the top of that letter has extended, the tethers at the bottom must be unleashed. let us not just be dreamers. let us recommit to be doers. thank you, and god bless. [applause] >> from dest
at the national press club in washington, d.c. he addressed a voter id laws and the feature of the republican party. this is about one hour. >> our speaker today is benjamin jealous,who at 35 became the youngest president and ceo of the national association for the advancement of colored people. a mixed race kid from california, jealous grew up in a family always challenged by the issue of race. according to an interview in "essence" magazine, his grandparents faced obstacles dating back to slavery. his mother helped desegregate her high school in baltimore, and joined sit-ins at lunch counters in virginia. his father told him what it was like to be the lone white guy at a lunch counter sit-in and getting worked over by the police, who saw him as a race traitor. as a kid, mr. jealous recalls being at a discount store with a black friend, and noticing a white lady peeking at them through the pegboard to make sure they were not stealing anything. he has led advocacy, but he could, at one time, qualify for mentorship at the national press club. reliable reports say he once tried his hand at inve
feinstein, but if i recall in the washington post article, she commented to the washington post that she was not aware of the compliance audits until the washington post asked her about them. my question to you is, are you informed about what she saw? was she telling the washington post something different? >> if you have questions about her comments, it you should check with her. i read to you her on the record statement about this issue. what she may have been referring to in that report -- >> what did the senator mean when she was quoted? >> i do not have the store in front of me. i know that some members of congress have suggested that they did not see these nsa reports that were reported on by the washington post. but what they did see and what many of them were briefed on were the regular reports that are due to congress from the nsa as part of their oversight function. reports on a regular basis are made to members of congress and intelligence committees about some of these issues and some of the broader issues that allow congress to fulfill their responsibility to conduct oversig
. washington journal starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. enjoy your friday. we will see you back here tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. ♪ >> president obama continues his two bus tour focusing on education issues. yesterday he spoke in syracuse. town hall holding a meeting. live coverage at 12:45. most of the presidents tour -- vice president biden is expected to join president obama at lackawanna college. yesterday's first stop, hisident obama revealed plan to control college costs. >> let me talk about these briefing. our first priority. providing better value for students. making sure parents and taxpayers are getting what we -- what they paid for. there going to lead development to trade a better system for the college year. a lot of colleges are encouraged andnc. -- gaining numbers it is rewarding them on raising cost. i think we should reward colleges based on opportunity. are they helping students? on their value to students and parents -- that means metrics like how much debt does the average student leave with? how easy is it to pay off? how many students graduate on time? how well do those gra
and the washington -- grand canyon and the washington monument and everything that what happened when we shut down government, the american people will react in a negative fashion and will blame congress. there are some of my colleagues in the hopkinson at that say we have to repeal obama care if we're going to raise the debt limit. my friends, that does not work. i want to repeal obamacare. it happens to be the way i voted, but it is not the way it will happen. we do not have 67 votes in the united states senate, which was what would be required to override a presidential veto. and so, i think it is not a right approach. what i do want to continue this repeal parts of obamacare, which are very onerous and are very harmful in my view to healthcare in america. i do not know what is going to happen, but i believe we will not shut down the government. i believe it is time the american people are heard they want us to sit down together and avoid what is turning into every year or every two years that we threatened people like you. it contributes -- i joke about the congress, but i am not proud of that
of "washington journal." for now, we take you to a live event at the center for strategic and international study. the minister of foreign it affairs from iraq. it last about an hour. live coverage on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> welcome to all of you. i said to minister zebari that i could not imagine that we would ever get anybody to come on a friday in august. i told them i think it was only bill gates and the late michael jackson that could have gotten an audience out here in washington, but i think it is a testament to minister zebari's essential leadership role in iraq. has steadily who been at the heart of iraq's developments these last 10 years. he has been leading the foreign policy for iraq. he is a voice that is welcomed in washington. people understand him, they trust him. he is a real friend of somebody that is not tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. consistenten his voice. here it's here now at a time to help us understand that this is a very challenging tim
and talking about eminent domain. that will do it for this "orning's washington journal next, we will take you live to the national press club where they will be recognizing out going homeland security secretary jenna not a ton of who is stepping down from her position, taking the chair as president of the university of california. live coverage is next on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] the shift to [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> we are live at the national press club in washington, dc awaiting remarks from out going homeland security department secretary janet napolitano. earlier this summer, she announced she would be stepping down from her cap in a position to become president of the university of california system which includes ucla and the university of california berkeley among other campuses this is. we are expecting her in a moment. >> ladies and gentlemen, we will start into moments of silence all cell phones and anything that makes noises. we would appreciate it very much, thank you. awaye are just moments from outg
from buzzfeed, toic --ll lose , and others met to talk about the takeover of washington post. >> welcome, thank you for joining us this afternoon. welcome also to our c-span audience. i'm dr. jane singer, vice chair of the aj stanley committee on professional freedom and responsibility. our chair is also here with us. board member maria harden, and others are also with us. we are sponsoring this panel, so it is a special session. a quick plug that more politics are on tap tomorrow. we are also giving our first amendment award this year to the first amendment center based in nashville area that's going to be a great program tomorrow during the plenary time spot. if you have nothing else to do, please come to that. we're going to do this very informally and just ask some questions and bounce around some answers and panelists are going to share their thoughts and we will open it up and i hope we have a great discussion. i know you have some good questions. i'm going to go in the order in which they are seated. first to my right is bill adair, the new professor of the practice of
the association that wi about at en talking the washington convention center. the association of unmanned international. another "washington journal" comes your way at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. then.l see you [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> taking a look at some of our live programming -- in about half an hour, the senior -- inder in a guest a map a chemist and will brief reporters. -- in afghanistan will brief reporters. att is scheduled to start 10:30 a.m. eastern. later today, president obama's half-sister will address the traffickingf ending exploitation of women and children and speaking at the center for american progress live at noon eastern. be sure to join us this evening for another of our town hall meetings. the focus today is unimplemented asian of the affordable care act. administration will delay implementation of the section of the law covering limits to out- of-pocket costs for consumers. we will check in on congressional town hall meetings around the nation and what questions members of congress
institute hosts a panel discussion concerning this 50th anniversary of the march on washington. naacprs include a former activist. along with julian bond, the cofounder of the student nonviolent were knitting committee, and the reverend jesse jackson. but first, president obama from earlier today on education policy. this is about 40 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> hello, buffalo! hello, bulls! well, it is good to be back in buffalo, good to be back in the north. i want to begin by making sure we all thank silvana for the wonderful introduction. give her a big round of applause. her mom and dad are here somewhere. where are they? i know they're pretty proud. there they are right there. give mom and dad a big round of applause. a number of other people i want to acknowledge here -- first of all, our secretary of education, arne duncan, who's doing a great job. one of the finest governors in the country, your governor, andrew cuomo, is here. your outstanding mayor, brian higgins, is here. give him
-span. >> tomorrow morning on washington -- "washington on the risingort cost of social security- disability insurance. and the future of the f-35 fighter. oliveri will talk about the arguments for and against keating a program funded. and we will finish with a defense fund contributor. plus, your calls, e-mails, and tweets. all of that is starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. mr. roblin, what are you to the march on washington? been born a negro in this country. i wanted to be, part of the most to begin, more demonstrationte in this country. >> i express my support of civil rights largely at cocktail parties and i'm afraid. but again, like many americans this summer, i could of no longer pay only the service -- only lip service to a movement that was only right and so brilliantly now. >> historic and roundtable discussions, archival film, a visit to the national portrait gallery, a theater performance of the 1960's civil rights movement. it starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern as part of american history tv every begin on c-span3. >> earlier today, the white house announced it is deeply concerned
in on congressional town hall meetings . you can call in to send your tweets. the focus of today's washington journal was arial and land-based drones and drum policy. this part of the program was about 40 minutes. host: we have been showing you sights r sights and sounds from the association of unmanned vehicles international taking place in washington, d.c. you met folks that represent the industry and law enforcement. joining us now in our washington, d.c. set is a voice that details with the privacy concerns that a lot of you have mentioned. jay stanley, aclu speech privacy and technology analyst and editor of their blog. you attended the event and you have heard a lot of the voices this morning. the industry says this is a good technology because it replaces manpower, law enforcement says there are laws and standards in place, practices in place to make sure things are done directly. from the privacy aspect what are your concerns about the technology? guest: it is true that the technology does and will have a lot of good uses but in is a lot of potential to be used for surveillance. it is a very
on c- span. >> let's begin with james baldwin. what brought you to the march on washington? >> i could say the fact that i was born a negro in this country, and more concretely, i felt there was no way for me not to be involved what is presently the most significant, important, freed demonstration to americans that has ever happened in this country. >> up until very recently, i expressed my support of civil rights by talking about it at cocktail parties, i am afraid, but like many americans, this summer, i could no longer pay only lip service to a cause that was so urgently right in a time that is so urgently now. >> sunday, the 50th anniversary of the march on washington with historic and contemporary discussions, archival films, a visit to the national portrait gallery, a theater performance and firsthand accounts of the day starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern as part of "american history" tv every weekend on c- span3. now, sequestration and two district court justices that spoke out against it at any event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the criminal justice act, which secured the s
from washington in common core stations -- standards. milton friedman was the father of the school choice movement. the school choice movement was under the idea that educational opportunity, giving parents the ability to move their children out of the zip code confined areas would allow competition and allow greater opportunity. we have seen this and vouchers, tax credits, and education saving a house -- education savings accounts. the biggest threat that has now hit us, common core, is a washington leviathan. the idea that spending more money would equal more education out comes. we have not. the $4.3 billion in federal incentives for no child left behind push by the administration are not likely to induce any kind of further educational outcome. the threat to school choice is also at stake. we see sat and azt standards being conformed to the common core. the common core national .tandard a few results just came out, the price had over the next seven --rs for common core outline common core outline the states. what does the common core contain? math standards that are poorly see
on washington. says is a reverend who something very important. he said today we commemorate. tomorrow, we agitate. i want to repeat after me. commemorate international women's day. tomorrow in virginia, we agitate. >> tomorrow in virginia, we agitate. we commemorate, tomorrow we agitate. today we commemorate, tomorrow we agitate. spanish] inin ok. spanish] in >> [speaking in spanish] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> if you missed any of this event, it is available at our website, live pictures from the state department. johnpect to hear from kerry who will talk about the situation in syria. it is set to begin in about nine minutes. we will have it live. also this afternoon, we will have today'white house reefing. riefing. p.m.will be live at 3:00 eastern on c-span. a reminder that the medal of isor ceremony for ty carter underway right now. president obama presenting him acts of bravery. that is taking place right now in the white house, on c-span2. we are waiting for john kerry to talk abou
. thomas jefferson, benning lynn fringe lynn, and george benjamin -- frank -- franklin, george washington, mainly it's based on the bible peace under jesus christ, as a metaphor between the egyptian nation and israelite democrats. our country has failed to get up to speed and understand the science of the holy grail which is based upon peace between the two parties, between the reds and blues. our democracy is broadcasted across the entire world. so when our country cannot get it together and understand peace between two parties, the disturbances are felt across the globe. i just think it really -- after eight years of george bush and after eight years of barack obama, our country is going to have to reassess what peace between the two-party system is and what it's going to take to rebuild this nation. hubie: thanks for the call. front page of "usa today" has the headline, egypt erupts in bay kaye yoss. more details into exactly what happened. police, backed by armored vehicles and bulldozers yesterday, sweeping through two camps of supporters of out ofed president muhammad morsi, sparkin
. follow more on this. the debris much for your time. but that's it for today's " washington journal." thank you very much for your time. enjoy the rest of your tuesday. >> the association for unmanned vehicle system holding the annual conference in washington. we are carrying a live discussion of the network on our companion network, c-span to. join us on c-span for a discussion behind that event. att will be live right here 1:00 eastern on c-span. later today we will focus on gay marriage issues. here is a brief look. recall, thel strategy there relied upon was the cast living as gay couples as different and even deviants and not worthy of something as special does merit. for sandy and i with four children and all the other children who we want to help, that was too much to tolerate and hard to be in court when that was gone back over again. we listen to them and talk to the judge about how we were not worthy. a reallyt was difficult experience. i hope someday the video as on the field and you can see and hear what we heard in the courtroom. and they had no evidence and cou
in oklahoma. here the headline this afternoon from the washington post. four state officials avoid disciplinary action for security failures in deadly benghazi attack. security failures led to an attack last year on the nomadic outpost in benghazi that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. officialsn said that who held senior positions during the attack will be reassigned to new jobs. she said an internal review concluded, there was no breach of duty by any of the four who had been on paid administrative leave for months. thehe issue of town halls, sentinel and florida writes about the increasing use of telephone town halls. this is not something that just happens during august recess, but year round. here the headline. congressional town halls by phone reach thousands. they write, forget the shouting matches and in-your-face demonstrations of the past. this summer, you can sound off to your local member of congress without leaving the comfort of home by taking advantage of a new trend in political discussion. the telephonic town hall. representatives can avoid being mocked or yell
, washington, d.c. caller: thank you to c-span. i think even the moderator had a suggestion and the experience i just had with getting a home loan for probably the amount of money that is comparable to sudeten, i had to submit sworn statement, allow the lender to view my social security and iraq, etc., and i was just wondering if there is any statute that prevents the staff from requiring sworn statements, a relatively modest investigation to prevent this fraud. the last one i would like to make is that i'm not even sure how much money a student can get because my son because of my income, not because of his income, was prevented from even getting close to the income threshold. i am wondering if the guest could say if she is a political appointee because it is my experience at the obama administration always tries to over fund the programs, the student loan programs, they're way to funnel money from people who have it to people who don't. host: thank you. politicalm a appointee, but i.g.'s are unique because we are appointed without regard to political persuasion, and we do not change with adm
in washington was over guns. i am confident no one in here is concerned about the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. on this issue, vice president joe biden -- the nice thing is that you don't need a punchline. [applause] you simply say his name and people naturally laugh. but vice president joe biden had some advice for all of us. if somebody is attacking your home, just go outside with a double barrel shotgun and fire both arrows into the air. which is very good advice. if it happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. on guns, following the horrific tragedy in newtown, president obama came out saying, not let's go come down on the violent criminals like a ton of bricks. but instead, the president said, we will use this as an excuse to go after the constitutional rights of law- abiding citizens. in washington, the momentum was entirely with the president on this. conventional wisdom was that this was unstoppable. and i will tell you that three senators signed a very simple and short note to hear he read that said we will -- harry reid that said we will filibuster anything th
-day national security symposium here in washington. the event included a panel discussion with reserve chiefs of all of the military branches. it addressed such issues as automatic the fence spending cuts -- automatic defense spending cuts and sexual assault. the reserve office association actsstablished in 1922 and on the white house congress on national security issues. this is 90 minutes. >> ready? hours of this mostam will be one of the beneficial of this national security symposium simply because it is most relevant to the current state and future of our reserve force. we are fortunate enough to have with us the commanders of each and theeserve services chief of the national guard bureau and representatives from the army guard. panel, we areis not owing to have the typical panel where everybody stands up and does five minutes of wonderfulness of his or her service. is ane are going to have interactive discussion of the top issues facing the reserve forces. , we havehat discussion the perfect -- arnoldmajor general punaro. he was the commanding general of the fighting fourth marine which
of days ago. we were you in washington, d.c. and i was renting a car and chris wasn't with me. i said, now -- they said are you the only driver. they said do they have to be here. they said as long as you're married. and i said, oh, i'm married! and i wasn't used to. i thought cha-ching. it's my first little thing, you know, benefit. the guy said, i'll put your husbands's name down. and i said, no it's my a wife. he said i'm sorry. of course i'll put just that down. i'll put down spouse. i thought, yeah, put down spouse and change your forms and change your business practices. and don't ever ask anybody that again. but we are so used to -- i'm so used to using the word partner and having a feeling about that, like, oh, it feels sort of bad. it just feels -- it does feel second class and it is second class. i'm not a lawyer and i never aspired to be a partner in my life. but the word wife is working out pretty well. i like that one. it really does change. the day we got married i got my fourth ring because we are gay people we need lots of rings to commemorate our marriages, the day i got m
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25